Cordova: the agony of Windows

I have been fiddling with Cordova most of the day. I tried to get Visual Studio to build a simple Hello World app, but no matter what I tried it would not build an executable. It compiled without any errors, and produced a folder full of files that are only useful inside Visual Studio. Nothing in there is executable. Granted, I have no idea how programming for Windows is supposed to work because I rage-quit Windows about 8 years ago. (It was about the time they made Windows automatically install updates when you tell it to power down. Like: nah, I wasn’t planning to take this on the road and do something. I can wait another 20 minutes while you install updates without asking me…)

I hate Windows, but I have been forcing myself to use it because Windows still, amazingly, has so much of the OS market share. I’m forcing myself to use it (at least for a little while) as my work environment. And in the following days, I’m going to figure out exactly what .NET is and why Visual Studio isn’t spitting out a goddamn executable file. Maybe it’s because of configuration inside Cordova. Does Cordova only make stuff for use in the Windows app store? Will it just NOT make me an executable that will launch on a Windows desktop? Will Electron help me do what I want? Is the reason for this silent error some configuration I could easily change? I’m not sure. As usual, working in Windows makes me want to tear off all my clothes, use them to start a fire, and burn my computer over said fire. I want Linux back.

Oh God! I’ve been using a Mac for so long. I bet my Linux skills are weak and flabby.

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