First Electron App

I used Electron to create my first Windows app. It’s fun. I was vaguely aware that this sort of thing was possible, but I had no idea it would be easy enough for me to learn in a single day. Let me rephrase. There is plenty more to learn, but in a single day I got one of my existing web apps to actually work as a Windows app, and that is amazing to me.

I used Electron to encapsulate my Xerocross.Check browser app into a native Win32 app. (If you are unfamiliar with Electron, basically it wraps a web app inside Chromium, which is an open source browser upon which Google Chrome is built.)

Basically it’s like having a dedicated browser that only shows my Check app and doesn’t require any Internet connection. Everything is local.

The featured image at the top of this post is an image I created myself using Gimp. It is the icon for this app. Even as I look at it now, the check-box looks off center. I’ll fix it. And that’s kinda where I am right now. Take a look at the app.

My Win32 app is not polished. I haven’t quite figured out how it should look and behave as a desktop app. But it’s functional, and it’s responsive, and I love it. Give me another day or two and I’ll have a download link with version 1.0.0 for anybody who wants to use it.

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