Shopping Total Update

The app above is my shopping-total app, which is available for anyone to use freely Like many people, my mom is my biggest fan, and she was trying to use the app to create a shopping list in advance with prices she already knew. Later she came back and the data was lost. Ah! Nobody wants that.

I still don’t know why my mom lost her data. The app is designed to constantly save everything you do so that you don’t have to click “save” or anything. Browse away, close your browser, and come back and it should still be exactly how you left it.

However, for peace of mind, I decided to add the ability to backup and recover your lists. Clicking “download backup” will download a data file to your device. Then you can click “upload from backup” to recover the list stored in that file. This really should never be necessary, but I cannot make promises about how long your browser will store your data if you do not write it to a file. Once you write your data to a file, the file isn’t going anywhere unless you delete it. So, with backups, we all sleep better.

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