Starting Angular 2+ Live Tweet

Today I’m building my first (tiny) Angular 2+ app and I’m live-tweeting my experience. For posterity, the first tweet in the series is the one embedded above.

I think this might be of interest to people for two reasons.

(1): I am new to recent versions of Angular, but I am far from new to programming. I am quite experienced with Vue, another front-end framework. This steam-of-consciousness view of my thoughts while exploring a framework that is new to me might help someone with less experience who does not understand how to explore and learn from the tools and documents available. It will also demonstrate that even an experienced person doesn’t already know everything, but we do know how to learn new tools quickly. And it will show beginners how we go about learning those new tools.

(2): If you are a potential employer, you can see how I think.

Here’s a hard link to the start of the Twitter feed. .

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