Design Case Study:

Look at This guy’s design fu is beyond my skill for sure. We can probably learn some interesting stuff from him. But this particular web site is baffling, really. It’s less like a web site and more like an interactive video you might find on a kiosk at a museum.

Some observations of what I see.

Monochrome coloring. The cursor has been turned into a red dot with a red circle that trails after it, and there are red accents. The weird, slow-trailing circle around the cursor gives an overall impression of slowness. I can’t imagine why he would do that.

You interact with this page by scrolling, but it looks like the page actually gets built in front of our eyes as we scroll. I am not able to explicitly grab a scrollbar and move where I want within this page. Instead, it’s more like moving backward and forward through a video on an old VCR.

Some of the words are animated to appear distorted, like reflections on the surface of water.

Words, pictures, other content populates the screen from nowhere as we scroll down. These elements appear on the screen in a way reminiscent of those old transition effects everyone used on Powerpoint presentations. Some things slide out from invisible pockets, or they ripple and fades in like ghosts.

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