Offering Assorted JavaScript Consultation and/or Tutoring

I’m in between things before starting my next job, so I’m offering basically any kind of remote work I’m fit to do. I am an experienced web developer, highly skilled in JavaScript, very familiar with VueJS. I know enough React that I could help a beginner get started. (I admit I’m not quite an expert with React yet.) Here are some of the services I could provide.

  • One-on-one video tutoring (or just audio, or whatever). I could answer questions, or we could have a free-form discussion on any programming-related topic that interests you, or I could offer you more structure and help you figure out best next steps just for you.
  • Consultation. I can consult broadly on matters of web design and development. For example, if you have a small business and you want some professional feedback on the quality of your business website, or maybe a third party opinion, or advice about how to move forward toward some goal. I could consult on any of those topics.
  • Code review. If you are a beginner, very likely you have nobody around who is qualified and willing to review your code and offer feedback. I can offer that service. It’s kind of like grading your work, but it’s more of a back-and-forth process, and in real world jobs everyone does code review.
  • Short contract web development work. If you have some very short one-off work, something rather self-contained that could be done within a week or two, I could do that.

Fees are negotiable. I’m not looking to charge a lot. I don’t charge as much for tutoring/consulting as I charge for development work.

If interested, contact me on Twitter: @adam_fg_cross.

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