Emergent Phenomena and Brownian Motion

This post is a sort of query aimed at the public. I want to know if there is general interest in a topic that interests me. I’ll be looking for feedback primarily on Twitter, where I am @adamfgcross.


Super Short

It’s about emergent phenomena, exponential growth, chaos, fractals, feedback loops, and how all of these are related.

More Detail

Lately I’m deeply fascinated by a bulk of topics that are all related, but it’s kind of hard to explain how they are all related. I drew the primary napkin-type sketch at the top of this page to try to explain it. It’s about how chaos and Brownian motion and especially feedback loops all work together to form emergent phenomena, fractal-like growth, and exponential growth. The emergent phenomena are formed from parts we can all see, but the phenomena are always something nobody expected.

I’m not saying tying any of this together is new or original. I just want to explore it, and maybe it will turn out I do have something new to say.

I want to study this topic in detail, and it’s a major theme of the novel I’m working on, which currently lives at https://leanpub.com/themoiety. Of course I’d love to get people interested in my book, but right now I’m just asking the question. Does this topic interesting you? Can you think of an angle it looks like I’m clearly overlooking?

A promo image for my book, The Moiety: A Novel of Viral Rebellion

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