Node Just Isn’t That Great, Right?

Recently I’ve been trying to teach myself node, so I’m trying to build a very modest little web backend using Node, Express, Mongoose, written in Typescript, and so far with no testing because I can’t figure out how to get testing to work. How are you supposed to write unit tests when the database is “imported”?

It’s important to bear in mind I’m trying to figure this out alone. If I was on a team that used a MEAN stack, I’m sure they would have some way of unit testing, and they would show me how to set all that up on my machine. Really I wouldn’t have to do anything but git clone. And maybe I can learn how to do this by cloning and using some template, right?

But here’s my initial impression. Node just isn’t very well developed, right? I could work in Java with Spring so much easier. I could have a similar, modest backend complete with testing and database up and running in maybe a week. So why is Node so popular? I don’t get why people want to work in Node. And for those who do, I wish one of them would pay me a visit and walk me through setting up unit tests for the backend on a MEAN setup, because blog posts aren’t doing it.

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