I’m Adam Cross. I’m a PhD mathematician turned programmer. My experience is mostly in front-end web development. This blog began as a sort of free-form series of articles on whatever programming thing I wanted to discuss at any time, but I think I’m beginning to carve out a niche. I like to write stream-of-consciousness tutorials about my process while I teach myself things. I like to learn new things, and I like to help other people learn those things, and I like to write. If you read my tutorials, you don’t just learn something about the specific subject matter. You also learn about the process of investigating some new programming topic or technique. If you pay attention to that aspect of my tutorials, I think you will learn how to teach yourself whatever you want to learn. Or at the very least you can get some insight into how a professional goes about it.

On the right you will also see my Twitter feed. That’s not my personal Twitter, nor even my professional Twitter. It’s a special one made just as a companion to this blog. That is where I micro-blog my thoughts and notes while I study.

Not everything here is a tutorial. I’ll still free-form whenever I feel like it. There’s no particular schedule. I write when I feel like it. And everything, tutorial or not, will have a highly editorial slant. I have opinions and I’m not shy about sharing them. I hope you enjoy. At the moment, I’m not doing this for money. If I can make money from it one day, so much the merrier. For now, I write because it helps me organize my thoughts and because I hope it might help some other people organize their thoughts too.