React, Redux, Unnecessary Rendering, and Computed Values

This is a continuation of my post where I discussed one of my React apps, "Drop". Here I want to talk further about some of the internal logic and how it relates to switching over to Redux. To understand the topic of this post, you need to understand a tiny bit about how the … Continue reading React, Redux, Unnecessary Rendering, and Computed Values

Learning by Doing: ManipulateStrings

My recent widget is called ManipulateStrings. It's an AngularJS app. The source code is here: It's actually a little more complex than it appears on first glance. You enter any string you want, and the widget has several built-in methods for manipulating a string. You can reverse the string or alphabetize the characters or … Continue reading Learning by Doing: ManipulateStrings

States Within States (Part 1)

This is a direct continuation from my React Widget from 0 to Launch, which in turn grew out of my React Lesson 2. Since those posts, I have a cute little widget hosted at by Heroku. The source is hosted here: I have been thinking of it as a tool for drafting short … Continue reading States Within States (Part 1)

React Widget from 0 to Launch

The one where I build the Draft widget in React. Today seems as good a day as any to write a full-dress React widget and actually host it somewhere. I maintain a little website called WidgetWonk ( where I host such things. I'll be happy to take you through the entire process. I probably need … Continue reading React Widget from 0 to Launch

React Lesson 3 (Part 2): Redux, Reducers, and Actions

Let's continue studying the use of Redux with React. I have a little widget I built during React Lesson 2. It's a text field combined with some buttons that let you commit your text (or you could calling "saving" the text) any time you want and then browse backward and forward through the commits. Mainly … Continue reading React Lesson 3 (Part 2): Redux, Reducers, and Actions