Learning Bad Habits

I’m beginning to realize that I’m only starting to learn Node. And that’s cool. I think we learn the syntax, then the idioms, then the customs. Here by “customs” I mean the popular frameworks/libraries. I don’t know Node customs. But I’m getting there.

So here’s my bad habit. Well, I think it’s probably bad but I don’t plan to change it. Whenever I’m writing new code in unfamiliar terrain, I focus almost entirely on just making the damn thing work no matter how ugly the code is. I only try to clean up the code after I have a solid idea of exactly what I want the thing to do and it is doing that.

Contrast this with a Vue web app, where I can almost write publication-quality code on the fly as soon as I have formed the idea of it.

Maybe most people use a similar process. I don’t know. I need more programmer friends. Feel free to comment if you want to connect.

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