My Novel Chapters 1-3 Published

I’m pleased to say that my first three chapters are in a state of more-or-less published finality. Some day I may work with an editor and make more changes, but for now, I’m done tweaking these first three. You can read them on at The first three chapters are as follows.

Chapter One: Patty the Prostitute

Patty was a prostitute at one time, but now she is so much more. She is a power broker of the Moiety, one of the most influential players in the Rebellion.

Chapter Two: Alice the Archivist

Alice is the first Archivist we meet. The Archivists are a closed society very interested in collecting and preserving knowledge

Chapter Three: Mark the Virologist

We meet the brains behind the Moiety rebellion, the engineer who studied viral growth and engineered the Moiety to take advantage of what he learned.

Along the way, we meet the protagonist, Shem. Shem is a therapist. He’s not so influential in the Rebellion himself, but he rubs elbows with many of the most important players.

Of course I’d love you to read my book. You can read these chapters, plus all the rest of it as I write it, for just $4.99 USD on Leanpub. Click the link above. Your purchase helps me keep writing.

The Moiety: A Novel of Viral Rebellion (promo image)

Thanks for reading.

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